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You are called to the called. But first, let's find out what we should call it.

I help #giftwrapped entrepreneurs get clear on their calling, scale their profession to CEO, and unashamedly prosper in profit.

Ignite your passions through profit potential strategies

Fuel your faith through mindset mastery trainings

Design your lifestyle through an elevated visual brand

See how

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your gifts should make room & revenue for you

For gift-wrapped entrepreneurs ready to unlock their profit potential and design the life & business they deserve through a strategic 4-step audit. 


all you have is

all you need


I know you have real followers, real engagement, and real testimonials, but the only thing that is missing is the real money. 

If you believe you were called to a place to help others, you must do that in excellence. That means your grit must be wrapped in grace.


Many experts lack getting paid like one, and remain seen as "the help" due to how they position their personal brand and their business' communications.

If you don't think you need it and don't position your self for it, you will countlessly see yourself burning out for others and having nothing left for you. You may not even think you deserve to know your impact.  

I want to help you tell your story with style. Unconventional contemporary-luxe design, business + brand strategy, and communication to Fuel Your Faith and Ignite Your Passions.

Let them see what you made, and what you're made of.



Meet Aaja of Aaja Corinne The Brand

Design the life

you deserve

Perfectly Package the gift(s) that cultivate the people you're called to.

Maybe you're in a position that can't scale your business to salary because your lack of confidence, have the fear of letting small project people down, or don't think you deserve to live a hyper-fruitful life?


We can get you to a place where you profit personally and professionally without the burnout, the breakdowns or the bad beliefs.

Most of us don't make it past the vision stage of our passions because we lack the strategic game plan to make it all happen. Or maybe you're the person that can throw a big launch but can't stay in the game long enough to see real results. It all falls on one thing, our lifestyle.

What if you have the right amount of resources, connections, and direction to actually achieve those things that you feel are impossible? Whether it's your health or your wealth, you need simple life-styling strategies to keep you going even when you don't want to, or can't. 


  • You lack a completed and actionable vision

  • You're afraid to start anything because you don't know what's next

  • You need strategies tailored to your unique lifestyle

  • Have a lazy bone and cannot get motivated to put the effort in to follow your passions

  • You're confident that your passions can work but don't have enough time to work on it

  • Family comes first, and you'll get to you when you find the time; which is mostly never

  • The relationships you're apart of make it impossible to follow your dreams

  • Need the confidence and push to just do it

sustain cost for your calling

Having many gifts, it is sometimes hard to choose which one is going to be the one you survive off of, and which ones can be used if needed. Experiencing this problem for many years, and realizing my central purpose has inspired me to help gift-wrapped entrepreneurs do the same. 

Through my 4-step audit, you will be challenged personally and professionally to organize your creativity, overcome financial fears, PerformBold, and find confidence in your identity.

This is for the experienced entrepreneur ready to be taken and paid seriously. I need to convince you that you deserve it. 

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ready to align your experiences

with your expertise?

you will:

- Discover your niche market + target consumer

- Identify your specialties, skills, and best assets

- Price your service(s) properly

- Choose and update software and system-based programs

- Structure your personal and professional routines

- Develop your business salary and savings plan

- Gain confidence in your leadership ability

- Live on your own terms with terms

- Develop better time management skills

- Develop healthy marketing practices

- Develop your own goal-setting formula

- Create your visual identity strategy and guide + any branding add-ons

& more

The A'darah audit

a 4-step system to produce profits from your purpose
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  • Discover your roadblocks

  • Unravel your lifestyle behaviors

  • Shift your mindset

  • Overcome fears

  • Create a goal-setting strategy


  • Design Your Life: guided lifestyle curation

  • Find your offering  or product

  • Organize your personal + work schedule

  • Create a 90-day launch plan


  • Communicate who you are and your paid-purpose​

  • PerformBold Speaker & Performance Training

  • Pose-coaching


  • Visual Identity Strategy

  • Style consultation

  • Photography consultation

  • Prepare your Visual Brand Assets

  • Special Offer Design




I'm A’darah (Dara Adams), a believer, wife, mom, and lifestyle curator that's most known for the purpose-filled captivating brand experiences that she frequently produces for women of faith and entrepreneurs.

In 2014, her Creative Genius led her to found Queensview Creative Studios, LLC (now self-branded), a branding and design studio that has raised the profiles of CEOs, doctors, strategists, bloggers, and clergy, alike, through custom graphic and web design and photography. Her work has appeared in major publications, including Chicago Style Weddings, and Ebony Magazine.

She now focuses on helping women create a lifestyle worth living through visual experiences, events, and apparel.