The process:

Do your homework.

Once you’ve officially booked an appointment with me, it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves.  While it’s true I will do all of the creative work to bring your new brand to life, it’s imperative to understand that we are entering into a branding partnership.  One that will only be as successful as the brain power and engagement you put into it, from the beginning.

The first step is to complete my Brand Style Questionnaire. Following completion and a follow-up call, please proceed with required next steps:

  1. Compile and organize by tab, a Google Document of your content. Be sure to check grammar and spelling.

  2. Upload all images you want added to a shared Dropbox folder.

*Copywriting services aren’t offered unless required and invoiced. Your content will be uploaded and presented in the way it was received.

*All websites and logo designs are manually built from scratch.


What to expect:

Give it time.

After you've paid your deposit, production begins. Creating a new brand takes a lot of time and creativity. Good brand development could take up to six weeks to complete from initial logo concepts to final website implementation. Please take the turn-around time into consideration and plan accordingly.

Be specific.

When I present initial typography concepts for your review, as much specific feedback as possible is needed to build a visual representation of your unique style that will eventually become the face of your business. Explain what you love, what more you want to see and what you would rather not pursue. Open, detailed  communication paves the way for a brand that you are guaranteed to love.

Trust the process.

The process of creating your new brand is collaborative, requiring open and honest feedback. I will not be offended if a proof doesn’t give you emoji-heart-eyes. I will toss it out and use the feedback to perfect the process until we agree on the final approved proof, even if it takes a few tries.